Monday, May 11, 2009

7 years ago

Steven is out of town for work, so we'll have to celebrate when he gets home, but 7 years ago today our families and friends gathered at St James for our wedding.

And then went a few blocks away to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago for the reception.  (when we got engaged, Steven and I thought we'd have 30 people at our wedding.  My parents thought we'd have 200.  My parents were right.)

They had just installed Maurizio Cattelan's dinosaur sized cat skeleton,

and toasts given under his watchful eye socket.

Dinner was eaten on tables full of tulips, roses, orchids and peonies.

The cake was covered with flowers, both real and frosted. (and it was really good, and not just because it was the only thing I ate all night.)

The candy favors were wrapped up like firecrackers,

and my bouquet was made of individual flower petals put together to look like one giant flower.

And there was dancing. lots and lots of dancing.

I can't believe it's been seven years! Happy Anniversary, Steven!


Lisa R. Lewis said...

Happy Anniversary! You two looked beautiful, what a lovely day.

seesaw designs said...

congrats on 7 years... looks like your wedding was lovely!

wide open spaces said...

everything was AMAZING. and I love the MCA. what a great reception spot!!

happy day to you both!

chiara said...

happy anniversary!!!!!!

that was the prettiest wedding ever.
and the prettiest bride.

congrats to you two!

Dallas Shaw said...

happy anniversary


Keith said...

Happy Anniversary!

Steven said...

happy anniversary ppl. You are beautiful.

abigail said...


Jules said...

congratulations! what a beautiful wedding and what a beautiful bride you were :) i wish you lots of happiness and love for the next 7 years and beyond!

ofifteen said...

Happy Anniversary :)

Joanna Goddard said...

i LOVE these photos! you two look so happy and beautiful!

Steven said...

You got a Jewish girl from Minnesota at a baseball game all choked up. We miss you.

Courtney said...

Your wedding looks like it was absolutely gorgeous!! What a fantastic reception location too. I loved seeing these photos- thanks for sharing!