Monday, May 11, 2009

Copper and Wool: the solution

so it turns out Steven was as stuck as I was about what to do for the 7th anniversary traditional copper or wool gift. The other night we started saying things like, "I'm gonna get you an orange wool sweater!" "I'm gonna get you $50 worth of pennies" etc, which eventually led to "I'm gonna take you on a trip to Copper Mountain!" and then "let's go to Copper Harbor!" and suddenly it wasn't just a game any more it was a great idea!

Copper Harbor is in the U.P. (Upper Peninsula) of Michigan. The U.P. is that part of Michigan that looks like it should be part of Wisconsin or Canada, but it's Michigan and is supposed to be beautiful. So to celebrate our anniversary we're going to act like real Michiganders and go to Copper Harbor for a weekend in August and explore the U.P. (yes, that's Michigan in that photo.)
We decided to wait until then because I think the snow just melted up there last week and Lake Superior is probably about 40┬║.
images here, and here.


Steven said...

Originally I was thinking of going to see the open pit mine in Bisbee, Arizona,but the 100 degree weather and distance was not really inspiring. Fortunately we have our own copper mining industry!

Steven said...

Happy Anniversary:)

Courtney said...

That sounds like a perfect solution! I was actually just wondering yesterday what you had decided to do. Happy Anniversary!

Diana said...

That is a beautiful area - enjoy your trip!